Airport Oslo/NOR

The extension of the Oslo airport in 2017 was one of the biggest projects in the lighting industry. ZGS has connected 21.000 luminaires and installed a record number of 32 eBox devices. And an additional service contract ensures that the emergency unit of the airport works perfectly at any time. The new airport terminal 2 also committed to our intelligent lighting controls. LITENET creates the ideal combination of artificial and daylight by adopting the colour temperature and dimming level to the current daylight scenery.

German Soccer Museum

We’re on the ball! The German soccer museum in Dortmund trusts in our lighting controls and emergency lighting solutions. We make sure that the illumination in the museum takes care for the right navigation and safety of the visitors. And our lighting management system Luxmate LITENET that takes over the responsibility of all components.

“I am a big fan of goal-oriented approaches in general. Zumtobel Group Services has fulfilled exactly this for our emergency illumination. On the one hand the luminaires have an outstanding quality. On the other hand we see our visitors now in safety – at any time. Thanks to the central emergency lighting system by ZGS. And this is also the most important thing for us. If then also a nice relationship developing with the contact person, we have an all-around perfect project.”

Christian Hagen, Technical Manager, German Soccer Museum